Here’s your solution for painful, embarrassing cold sores

When you suffer from cold sores, you want effective treatment that works fast and stops them from getting worse.

With Vectavir, it’s easy to manage outbreaks and reduce the symptoms, so you can get on with your day.

Although there’s no way to completely remove the virus from your body once it’s contracted, Vectavir will help you deal with the discomfort and stop the virus spreading any further.

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Vectavir can stop cold sores developing and speed up the healing process

We’ve harnessed the power of penciclovir, an antiviral active ingredient, to stop the virus from replicating inside your cells. Unlike aciclovir, which is used in many other cold sore treatments, penciclovir penetrates quickly for impressive results:

Clinical studies have shown that penciclovir more than halves the healing time compared to no treatment2

Vectavir works whilst you are sleeping3.

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Did you know?

Around 90% of adults carry the virus that cause cold sores and that
30% of infected adults suffer from cold sore outbreaks. *


Start treatment as soon as possible for best results

Cold sores often strike at the worst times – almost every sufferer can relate to the concern of one erupting before a big interview or first date.

With Vectavir, you can begin treatment at the very first signs of burning or itching and stop the virus progressing, so you can get on with your life free of embarrassment.

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How to apply Vectavir

  1. Apply a small amount of cream directly on the affected spot using a cotton bud or your clean finger
  2. Reapply every two hours during waking hours – at least 6 times a day – for 4 days
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Can I use Vectavir at the ‘blister’ stage?

Of course, even if your cold sore becomes a painful blister you can
use Vectavir to speed up the healing process and reduce pain.

Find Vectavir in your local pharmacy

Vectavir is a specialised Pharmacy Only Medicine.

Keep a tube at home and another in your handbag, so you’re always prepared when you feel the first tingle.

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